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AZ Rock Express Rock Products & Services

Screened Rock

Landscape Rock

River Rock, Pea Gravel, & Sand

River Rock & Sand

Land Grading & Excavation Services

land grading and excavation services

Looking for Dependable Site Prep, Land Grading, Leveling, Or Excavation Services?

AZ Rock Express has been working with Land Technics in Mesa, AZ for over 20 years and consider them a trusted and valued partner.

Fill Dirt & Minus

Fill Dirt & Minus

Rip Rap & Large Rock

Rip Rap Products

Rock, Minus, & Dirt Spreading Services

arizona yard with rock and dirt professionally spread and leveled

Ordering rock but need help spreading it?

AZ Rock Express provides rock, gravel, minus, and dirt installation services. We can take care of the whole project for you ensuring your gravel or dirt is spread evenly and level. We can help with design too!