Landscape Rock & Products Pricing

We feature transparent landscaping rock pricing making it easy to plan your project’s budget. Compare with our competition and see that we provide the lowest:

(See pricing tables below for quick reference).

Screened Rock (*Prices subject to change)

Screened RockSizePrice (per ton)
Apache Brown1″$46.00
Apache Brown1/2″$46.00
Apache Brown3/8″$46.00
Apache Pink1″$48.00
Apache Pink1/2″$48.00
Arizona Beige1"$46.00
Arizona Beige1/2"$46.00
Baja Brown1″N/A
Baja Brown1/2″(Special order)
Desert Brown3/4″(Special order)
Desert Brown1/2″(Special order)
Desert Gold3/4″$45.00
Desert Gold1/2″$45.00
Desert Gold3/8″$45.00
Desert Mauve1″(Special order)
Desert Mauve1/2″(Special order)
Desert Mauve3/8″(Special order)
Desert Rose3/4″$38.00
Desert Rose1/2″$38.00
Desert Spice3/4"N/A
Desert Spice1/2″$49.00
Express Caramel1″N/A
Express Caramel1/2″N/A
Gila Brown1″$46.00
Gila Brown1/2″$46.00
Madison Gold3/4″$46.00
Madison Gold1/2″$48.00
Mountain Vista Brown1″$48.00
Mountain Vista Brown1/2″$48.00
Palomino Gold1″$48.00
Palomino Gold1/2″$48.00
Pink Coral3/4″$45.00
Pink Coral1/2″$45.00
Rainbow Mist3/4″$38.00
Rainbow Mist1/2″$38.00
Saddleback Brown1/2″$49.00
Saddleback Brown1/2″$49.00
Sunset Gold3/4″$38.00
Sunset Gold1/2″$38.00
Superior Gold1″$46.00
Superior Gold1/2″$46.00
Table Mesa Brown1″$60.00
Table Mesa Brown1/2″$60.00

Minus Rock

Minus RockSizePrice (per ton)
Apache Brown3/8″$27.00
Desert Rose3/8″$20.00
Madison Gold1/4″$25.00
Pink Coral3/8″$24.00
Rainbow Mist3/8″$20.00
Sunset Gold3/8″$20.00
Table Mesa Brown3/8″$37.00

Rip Rap

Rip RapSizePrice (per ton)
Apache Brown (3″ to 6″)default$50.00
Gila Brown (3″ to 6″)default$50.00
Madison Gold (3″ to 6″)default$50.00
Pink Coral (2″ to 6″)default$52.00
Saddleback Brown (3″ to 6″)default$52.00
Table Mesa Brown (3″ to 6″)default$65.00

River Rock, Sand, & Other

ProductSizePrice (per ton)
Fill Dirtdefault$15.00
ABC Road-basedefault$22.00
Grout Mixdefault$28.00
Mortar Sanddefault$24.00
Pea Gravel 3/8″default$30.00
River Rock 3/4″ (#57)default$33.00
River Rock 1″ to 3″default$32.00
River Rock 3″ to 6″default$32.00